About Me

My Background

I've been on a spiritual path all my life having many experiences with other spiritual like minded people. I have been into meditating for a long time and credit that practice to  be the greatest asset that brought me the gift of being able to access the akashic records, which are the records of everything in existence. Would you like to know where you have lived before? Are you a starseed and if so from where? Would you like to know if your mate is in fact  your twin flame soul mate? All this can be asked of the records and get relevant answers like the fact that Earth and all humans here are going to evolve into 4th density body soon!! We're all going to have gifts and know how to use them. We're all going to be psychic! What a world it will be!

Trevor Bernard

I've been doing akashic record readings for over a year using messenger and have been told I should have a website so here it is!! Also check out my profile if you want